Siebel Tools Rel 15.5


Siebel Tools Rel 15.5

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Cette formation Siebel Tools vous permettra d’acquérir les connaissances et compétences nécessaires pour configurer les applications Siebel. Ce cours s’adresse aux clients 15.x et 8.x.

Objectifs de la formation :

  • use Siebel Tools to manage object definitions in a Siebel repository
  • configure the user interface of a Siebel application to meet business requirements
  • configure the business layer of a Siebel application to meet business requirements
  • extend the database tables in a Siebel application to meet business requirements
  • configure drilldowns, pick lists, and multi-value groups

Public :

Cette formation Siebel Tools Rel 15.5 s’adresse aux développeurs d'applications, analystes système, développeurs et consultants technique.

Pré-requis :

Cette formation ne nécessite pas de pré-requis particulier.

Programme :

The Configuration Process

Configuring a Siebel Application Using a local development environment Checking objects in and out of a server repository Using projects Editing object definitions Compiling Archiving objects and projects

Editing object definitions

Siebel Web Templates Form Applets List Applets Views Screens and Applications

Business Layer Configuration

Business Components Party Business Components Joins Business Objects Links Using 1:M Extension tables Data Layer Configuration Siebel Data Model Extending tables Creating new tables Adding indexes Creating new EIM mappings Dock objects Case Insensitive Accent Insensitive queries

Extending Application Usability

Drilldowns Applet Toggles Static and dynamic picklists Multi-value groups

Additional Siebel Application Configuration

Access control and view modes User properties Migrating a repository Troubleshooting

Les plus de cette formation :

Enrolling in this course will teach you how to use Siebel Tools so you can efficiently configure Siebel applications. You'll develop a better understanding of application configuration activities and options so you can meet your company’s business requirements. Expert Oracle University's expert instructors will give detailed lessons and guide you through extensive hands-on practices to reinforce concepts.

Pour aller plus loin :

Après cette formation Siebel Tools, vous pourrez suivre Siebel Business Automation 15.5
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