Siebel Open UI Essentials Ed 2


Siebel Open UI Essentials Ed 2

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Cette formation Siebel Open UI Essentials vous présentera, dans un premier temps l'interface utilisateur et l'architecture Siebel Open UI puis dans un second temps, l'interface de programmation d'application (API).

Objectifs de la formation :

  • Administer Siebel Open UI customizations
  • Customize applets using the Siebel Open UI JavaScript API as well as the overall look-and-feel of the application
  • Use debugging techniques to troubleshoot coding problems
  • Use tools in conjunction with the JSAPI, as well as to customize Siebel Open UI behavior
  • Use tools in conjunction with the JSAPI, as well as to customize Siebel Open UI behavior
  • Migrate customizations

Public :

Cette formation s’adresse aux développeurs d'applications, ingénieurs support, développeurs et consultants technique

Pré-requis :

Cette formation ne nécessite pas de pré-requis particulier.

Programme :

Siebel Open UI Client

Proxy Presentation Model (PM) Physical Renderer (PR) Plug-in Wrappers (PW) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Manifest Administration

Manifest Files UI Objects Default Behaviors Object Expressions: Multiple and Complex Conditions

Siebel Open UI JavaScript API

Classes Objects Namespaces Functions

Files and directories

Siebel Web Templates JavaScript files and controls Images Metadata Runtime data


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS files) Themes Styling Rules

Presentation Model (PM) for Form Applets

AddMethod Init Get ExecuteMethod FieldChange ShowSelection GetFieldName GetName

Physical Renderer (PR) for Form Applets

BindData GetPM GetInputName

PM to PR Interaction

AddMethod AddProperty AttachPMBinding Get(propertyName)

PM and PR for List Applets

Get("GetRecordSet") BindData(bRefresh) ShowUI

Helper Techniques

Plug-in Wrappers: ShowUI, GetEl, AttachPW EventHelper HTML Template Manager Responsive Web Pages

Non-Applet Customizations

AddListner Postload

Using External Code

Third-party libraries Calls via Universal Resource Locator (URL)

Siebel Tools and Open UI

Calling Siebel Business Services Profile Attributes User Properties Drag-and-Drop Imports User Preferences CSS files, web templates, views, and applets

Migrating Customizations

Les plus de cette formation :

By investing in this course, you'll walk away with the ability to use the JavaScript API. You'll develop the skills to write code to address common customization requirements including using external, third party libraries; you'll also develop an understanding of when and where to add code (the hooks into the framework) and common methods to use for desired outcomes. This bundled course consist of two courses: Siebel Open UI Foundations and Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API.
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