Oracle Enterprise Cloud Control 12c : Adv Config Workshop


Oracle Enterprise Cloud Control 12c : Adv Config Workshop

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Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control 12c: Advanced Configuration Workshop teaches you to maximize availability and scalability with deployment of EM. Learn techniques for disaster recovery, security and command line operations.
  • Deploy management agents in various forms
  • Setup a load balancer within the EM framework
  • Understand techniques for disaster recovery of EM in an HA environment
  • Implement security of EM framework
  • Maximize the use of My Oracle Support
  • Become familiar with silent and command line EM operations
  • Deploy EM with a 2-node RAC repository for High Availability and Scalability
  • Configure Oracle Management Services (OMS) and expand to multiple OMSs



  • Review Concepts and Pre-requisites Major Themes
  • Virtualization with Oracle VM Server
  • Oracle Virtual Machines in the Classroom
  • Explore the RAC Database Repository
  • Explore Oracle Software Installed and Configured

Enterprise Manager Deployment Best Practices

  • Simple EM Install versus a Highly Available and Scalable EM
  • EM HA Deployment Best Practices Summary
  • OMR, OMS and Agents Installation Best Practices
  • Availability Levels
  • SLB for Failover and Scalability

Repository Configuration Best Practices

  • RAC Database Repository: Best Practices
  • MAA Advisor
  • Compliance Standards
  • Backup of OMR
  • Manage and Monitor OMR: Adding agents to OMR nodes

Software Library Configuration

  • Review of Software Library Concepts
  • Software Library Planning
  • Software Library Migration

Command Line Interface (EMCLI)

  • Introduction to EMCLI
  • EMCLI Installation and Configuration

Load Balancer Setup

  • Load Balancer Concepts
  • EM Load Balancer Requirements
  • Load Balancer Configuration

OMS Configuration and Administration

  • OMS Configuration Dependencies
  • Out-of-Box OMS Configuration and Files Structure
  • Best Practice: exportconfig
  • OMS Plug-ins
  • Expanding the OMS Pool

My Oracle Support Configuration

  • Setup of MOS
  • Access to MOS from Multiple OMSs
  • Enable Patching

Deploying Oracle Management Agents

  • Management Agents Review
  • Agents Files Structure
  • Agents Deployment/Installation Modes
  • Agents Best Practices Configuration
  • Agent-specific Plug-ins
  • Self-Update Agents

Enterprise Manager Security

  • EM Security Best Practices
  • Secure OMS/Agent communications
  • Securing Communication: Firewalls
  • Operational Security

Monitoring the Enterprise Manager System

  • Self-monitoring of EM
  • Demo of Key Metrics

Recovery Techniques for EM

  • OMS Recovery: Role of exportconfig
  • OMS Recovery Scenarios
  • Agents Recovery
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